The Feeling of Warmth

South collection enhances a sense of cosiness allowing the creation of ambiences where laziness, comfort and serenity are appreciated.

The launch of new colours and patterns provides a selection of fabrics that can be well combined with our existing collections. Creating an extension to our range of textiles Barbara Osorio Fabrics, South collection embraces the feeling of warmth and reminds us of the importance of our home.

Baobá Collection by Bofabrics



The fabrics of this colorful collection are inspired in the colors and patterns of Africa and its wildlife. Native to the African Savannah where the climate is extremely dry and arid, the Baobab tree is a symbol of life in a landscape where little else thrives.

These fabrics provide a new range of textures, prints and colors which evoke memories of the warm, sensual and living landscapes of Africa.

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Paraíso Collection by Bofabrics


“Paraíso” or “Paradise” in English, defines an ideal place on earth; Utopia.

By appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and taking in the details that make all the difference; without having to travel to the other side of the world, we can always have our paradise nearby. We choose to live in comfort, beauty and simplicity.

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Palma Collection by Bofabrics


The feeling of the travellers’ adventurous free spirit and search for different cultures.

Why PALMA? Because it is inspired from a visit to the island. Here, the sun shines in an amazing palette of bright blues. Along the coast, you can see numerous little ports contrasting with the villages set in the mountains which tell stories from the past with a rich multicultural presence.

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Cascais Collection by Bofabrics


Natural compositions prevail, as well as comfortable fabrics in special colours which can be mixed and matched with each other in a creative and curious way.

Vegetal patterns like flowers or leaves and plain soft textures will tell the story of the sunny gardens in Cascais with a hint of romantic but also tropical and exotic elements. The prints vary between linen, silk or jacquards and this time we have included a very interesting selection of small patterns to be used together or in contrast with the larger designs.

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