Palma Collection

The feeling of the travellers’ adventurous free spirit and search for different cultures can be seen in our new PALMA collection for autumn/winter 2018. Why PALMA? Because it is inspired from a visit to the island. Here, the sun shines in an amazing palette of bright blues. Along the coast, you can see numerous little ports contrasting with the villages set in the mountains which tell stories from the past with a rich multicultural presence. Influences from Africa, the Arabs, who occupied the island in years gone by and latterly by North Europeans can be seen in the colours and patterns of this exciting new collection. The mix and match reflecting a lifestyle which embraces a bohemian, fun and specific way of socialising.

Cascais Collection

This new collection called Cascais follows the spirit and philosophy of the already well-known brand Barbara Osorio Fabrics. Natural compositions prevail, as well as comfortable fabrics in special colours which can be mixed and matched with each other in a creative and curious way. Vegetal patterns like flowers or leaves and plain soft textures will tell the story of the sunny gardens in Cascais with a hint of romantic but also tropical and exotic elements. The prints vary between linen, silk or jacquards and this time we have included a very interesting selection of small patterns to be used together or in contrast with the larger designs. Wide linens light and subtle or heavier and sublime and a cotton velvet in a range of bold colours are possibilities within the collection to rise and shine in any interior design project. The light, landscapes and the dynamic of  Cascais village are implicit in each fabric of this fresh and relaxed, yet sophisticated collection. And so is the life in Cascais! We are proud and enthusiastic about this launch and hoping that the collection will please and provide fabrics for wonderful decorations.