A collection of fabrics for interiors, inspired by the wild and untamed nature, ever changing with the seasons and the surrounding environment. Floral patterns on natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen; dry textures on matt and opaque colors, selected from a pallet of intense shades which evoke a natural wilderness and contrast with the reality of an organized, overly planned modern life.

This soothing and stimulating concept can bring a more natural vision into our homes.

Wildflowers printed on cotton velvet, fragrant roses and bright sunflowers on linen, night birds printed on a beautiful light oriental silk or the discrete little bird surrounded by cherry blossoms printed on soft cotton, all combine in a peculiar but inevitable way due to the subtle similarities which start appearing whilst working through the collection.

Plain linens, velvets, jacquards, voiles and a variety of textures complete this story about nature, with its flowers, fragrances, and colors to be explored, creating ambiances in a much more emotional and intuitive way.

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