Equador Collection

A collection inspired by the green and dense landscapes of São Tomé e Principe, these Islands situated at 300 km from the western coast of Africa are intercepted by the Equator passing through the little Ilhéu das Rolas.

The warm and humid climate, the quiet blue sea, the sympathy of the people and the fascinating landscape of fresh green and intense colours ranking brightness throughout the day, transmit an elementary idea of existence, a source of comfort and satisfaction.

Equador collection offers a vast colour palette of tones and lighter shades where the colour green is particularly influent somehow tinting all other hues.

Printed fabrics with landscapes, palm trees, leaves, spot and watery patterns in natural compositions such as linen, cotton, juta, jacquard and velvet raise the idea of a still life where quality and contemporary style is beyond the minimal. A collection for interiors that want to be lived and remembered.

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