About Us

Located in the seaside sunny village of Cascais, Barbara Osorio Fabrics is a portuguese textile brand for interior designers who prefer natural fibers, unique patterns and boldness in the use of colors. Plain and printed linen, as well as soft natural textures, prevail in our collections providing an accurate choice of fabrics for curtains and upholstery. We are a dynamic team, each of us with different professional backgrounds, who got together to build a challenging project in which we truly believe.

“After more than 20 years of working with fabrics, I am very proud to present Barbara Osorio fabrics. I am involved in the creative process in which every detail is important. My motivation derives from many years of experience and a true passion for yarns, fabrics and colors. I value fabrics for all its complexity and the way all its elements merge to create a useful piece of work with the purpose of bringing comfort to our daily lives. Endless possibilities for coordinating fabrics within the various collections are fascinating. Fabrics can have a fresh look when combined with new color variations. I personally enjoy to be surprised with unpredictable and creative fabric combinations, when different patterns and colors are put together in the same room. Barbara Osorio fabrics provides a range of products with a creative perspective on how to use fabrics.”

Barbara Osorio
Creative Director